Parish Resources Catholic Parent Know-How

Catholic Parent Know-How helps parents thrive in their roles as teachers. Each vibrantly designed, easy-to-read, 8-page booklet gives parents answers to their questions, along with tips for home catechesis, prayer and ideas to support them in their faith journey.

Engages Family: Equips parents with the tools to become more comfortable and confident in teaching the Faith in order to serve as positive Catholic role models
Supports Spiritual Growth: Provides a source of encouragement and positive reinforcement for family faith formation
Flexible Format: Designed to be used in support of a parish’s religious curriculum or for support at parish family events
Practical: Offers practical ways to practice the Catholic Faith in daily life

Sacraments Series

Help parents prepare their children for the most important events in their spiritual development. These titles provide a concise, family-friendly explanation of the foundations, meanings and symbolism of the sacraments. Engaging activities, relevant prayers and even gift ideas are included.

Topical Series

Give kids, teens and young adults practical ways to apply their Catholic Faith in everyday life.

Seasonal Series: Lent

Bring the Catholic Faith to life with fresh activities, games, and discussion to make the most of every Church season. Engage your parish families when celebrating Lent.