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3 Steps to Effective Adult Faith Formation

Step 1 - Form an Adult Faith Formation Committee
All areas of parish life benefit when adults are involved in forming their Catholic faith because individuals who become more aware of their roles as disciples in the Body of Christ are better able to pass the faith on to others.

Step 2 - Keep it simple
Hold adult formation sessions at times that are most convenient for participants (between Sunday liturgies or when religious education classes are meeting.) Using solid Catholic resources from Our Sunday Visitor such as parish books or pamphlets takes the guesswork out of planning the session’s focus. Gathering parents for monthly discussions of the articles in Take Out family magazine is a great opportunity for adult catechesis and connection.

Step 3 - Think broadly
Remember that adult formation can be more than a weekly class sessions at the parish. Some adults might never attend a class, but might read a bulletin insert, pamphlet, or book. Encourage parishioners to read a book on Pope Francis or suggest a timely topic in the Church such as immigration or the World Meeting of Families—many of which have reflection questions built right in.