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The holy sacrifice of the mass is uniquely Catholic – and central to our faith. Yet how easy is it to take it for granted or go through the motions? Bring the mass to life with a better understanding of exactly what the elements of the Mass represent, how it dates back to the Last Supper, what it means to receive the Eucharist, and so much more. Our Sunday Visitor offers resources in a variety of formats and depth to make the Mass accessible, engaging and awe-inspiring for all ages.


Advent and Christmas with Mary


Bored Again Catholic: How the Mass Could Save Your Life


Called to Serve


Celebrating the Mass


Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition


Every Step with Jesus: Following the Saints


Frequently Asked Questions About Mass


Frequently Asked Questions About Mass, Spanish


Gift of Joy: The Blessing of the Child in the Womb


Gift of Joy: The Blessing of the Child in the Womb, Spanish


Hispanic Catholics in Catholic Schools


Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes