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Holy role models and intercessors

Since the early days of the Church, Catholics of all ages have looked to the saints as true role models – examples of ordinary, flawed individuals who were able to live extraordinary lives thanks to their belief and trust in God. These heroes of the church can also intercede for us, praying in the presence of God for our daily needs. Our Sunday Visitor offers a wealth of books about the saints and how they can continue to impact our life through prayer, inspiration, devotion or even a better understanding of their life story.


Catholic Cardlinks: Patron Saints


Catholic Saints Prayer Book


Draw and Tell Saints


Faces of Holiness


Faces of Holiness II


John Paul II's Book of Saints, Updated


Making Sense of Saints: Fascinating Facts on Relics and More


Modern Heroes of the Church


Ordinary Suffering of Extraordinary Saints


Padre Pio's Words of Hope


Padre Pio Revised and Expanded: The True Story


Patron Saints for Every Member of Your Family, etc.