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Our Sunday Visitor is one of the world's largest English-language Catholic publishers, serving millions of Catholics around the globe. Whether you're new to Catholicism or searching to learn more about a lifelong Faith, OSV offers rich books from experienced, knowledgeable authors for all seasons of life. Read and study the Bible. Learn how to explain the Faith. Dig into the history of the Church. Model the saints. Hand down the Faith to your children. Grow closer to God. Try a new kind of prayer. Study the teachings of the Church. Stay in touch with the Holy Father. All this and more is available to you from a trusted, authentic Catholic resource in OSV.

Bible Resources

Nourish your spiritual journal with OSV's wide range of Bibles as well as dozens of scripture studies analyzing topics, books of the Bible, or a variety of themes for beginners and experts alike.

Biographies & History

From the early Church Fathers to Pope Francis, studying the extensive history of the Church can bring a new level of understanding and love of Catholic teaching and traditions.

Current Events

OSV can help you see the world through that lens of the Catholic Faith, understanding not only the who and the what, but also why these events and issues are important.


Step into the revelation, tradition and knowledge of the Catholic Faith with OSV so you can grow in your understanding of the Faith.


Nourish your “domestic church” at home with resources that can enrich the lives of your whole family.

Inspirational & Spiritual Growth

Consider Our Sunday Visitor a trusted spiritual advisor, with tools and resources that can help you navigate real-life situations, recognize God’s voice better, and focus more fully on moving forward on the continuum of faith.

Prayer & Devotion

Enter more fully into God’s presence.

Reference & Theology

Understanding what the Church teaches and why.


Holy role models and intercessors.

The Mass

The central act of Catholic worship. Find out who, what, where, when, and why we do what we do in the Mass.

The Pope

Stay in touch with the Holy Father.