Frequently Asked Questions about Permissions and Reprints

Can I get copies of an image from an OSV publication or website?

    Our Sunday Visitor licenses most of the images in its publications and websites. Therefore, OSV cannot give permission to make copies or repost the images from our publications and website.

Can I get copies or get permission to make copies of out-of-print publications or pamphlets?

    The rights to many of our materials, especially our trade books, revert back to the authors when the publication goes out of print. For those publications, we cannot grant any permissions for which we no longer hold any rights. When possible, we may contact the author on your behalf. For use of out-of-print pamphlets or any other out-of-print materials, please complete and submit a permissions request form.

Can I make copies of the Saint images from the Vacation Bible School materials?

    You may request permission to make enlargements of the Saint images in order to display them in your parish as part of your VBS program. OSV cannot provide digital or high-resolution files for enlargements.

Can I get in contact with the author of an OSV book or publication?

    As a policy, Our Sunday Visitor does not share any of our authors’ contact information. But, if possible, we can try to contact the author on behalf of the requestor in order to secure permission to reprint or republish material. For any further questions, please complete and submit a permission request form.

Can I get a CD with PDF files of a Curriculum, Parish Educational Resource or other OSV publication in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

    Our Sunday Visitor strives to meet the needs of all of its readers, teachers, catechists, and students. We will provide publications (books, textbooks, guides, etc.) in PDF format for those requiring our material in an accessible format. To request an accessible format, please complete and submit a permissions request form.     

Can I get permission to make copies of material from an OSV publication?

Can I get permission to use material from an OSV publication in my parish bulletin?

Can I get permission to post material online from an OSV publication?

Can I get permission to make a DVD out of an Our Sunday Visitor VHS videotape?

    Following fair use guidelines, non-profit institutions like schools, libraries, and churches may be able to make one replacement DVD copy of a VHS videotape, but only if that particular video is not available for purchase in DVD form. For more information, please complete and submit a permissions request form.

Can I reprint or republish material from the Lifelong Catechesis, Catholic Wedding Help, Together In God’s Love or other OSV-related websites?

    While it may be possible to reprint or republish some material from our websites, there are online materials (such as the images of the Saints on the Lifelong Catechesis site and the Rite of Marriage on the Catholic Wedding Help website) that are copyrighted and licensed from the copyright holders. Please complete and submit a permissions request form in order in inquire about the specific material you would like to reprint or republish.

Can I make copies of Our Sunday Visitor material for use in my classroom?

Can I make multiple copies of pages from Our Sunday Visitor workbooks?

    Books such as the “Teach Me About” series, Joy, Joy the Mass, and other activity books are generally considered “consumables,” meaning that these are meant for a one-time use only and not to be copied multiple times for students. Some of our publications will specify particular pages that may be copied, such as the black line masters in the Allelu! Catechist guides and some of the booklets in the VBS programs. Please consult the publications for these notices. If you do not see a notification or have further questions, please complete and submit a permissions request form.