Faith on the front lines: Our Sunday Visitor’s Military Program

25 percent of military personnel are Catholic. 1.8 million Catholics — active military personnel, reserve, veterans and their families — are served by chaplains. But military ministries are strapped, both financially and in the number of Catholic chaplains.

Father Eric Albertson greets service members after Mass on Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of Father Albertson

Our Sunday Visitor’s Military Program is helping fill the gap by providing free subscriptions to OSV Newsweekly, our national Catholic weekly newspaper dedicated to bringing Catholic clarity to a complex world. The program relies entirely on donations (100 percent tax deductible). With your help, we can support and encourage the faith of our Catholic brothers and sisters serving in the military and connected to the military.

Donate to the program today, and help build the community of faith!

Donate online or to find more information, please call 1-800-348-2440.

You can also mail a check (made out to Our Sunday Visitor) to:
Attn: Military Program
Our Sunday Visitor
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Huntington, IN 46750

You will receive a 501(c)(3) receipt for your donation.