OSV Logos and Usage Guidelines

  • The logo will only include the colors black, red and/or white. White will only be used in the case where a reverse is necessary on a dark background.  Our Sunday Visitor will always be in black. The bar will be in black or red depending on the colors of the piece. (In the case of a two color piece, the bar will be black unless one of the two colors for the piece is the OSV red.) 
  • The bar should always be included with the use of Our Sunday Visitor. When used in text, the bar is not necessary. 
  • There will not be an apostrophe used with the logo: Our Sunday Visitor's. The present exception here is when preceding The Priest.
  • The bar should not include any text within it. The web address should not appear in the bar. 
  • The initials OSV will not be used for anything except the newspaper.
  • Ideally, the logo of choice is the stacked logo with "Our Sunday Visitor," the red bar, the tagline, and then web address. Depending on space and context, the logo can appear with just the tagline or just the website or with neither.

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