Mass Readings: Ezekiel 18:1-10,13b,30-32/Matthew 19:13-15

Like a Child

Today’s Gospel—all about the great story of “Let the children come to me”—reminds me of an experience at a restaurant a few years ago. Several of us were having a dinner meeting there. Just as we ordered a great band of loud little children arrived for a birthday party. And party they did! Our young waitress after a while came to our table and said simply: “I used to want to have kids. No more!”

But in today’s Gospel we’re challenged to become like these little children. Jesus was mostly referring to their innocence, of course, but also of that time in history when children had very few rights and privileges. They were to be quiet, humble, obedient. This, I think, is part of what we all need to remember as the message today.

Prayer: Jesus, You were obedient unto death. Help us, as children of the Father, to be humble servants.